Woxiang Board

- Apr 10, 2019-

Hexiang board (also known as the original board) is a new type of ecological and environmentally-friendly artificial board. It takes the straw of rice and wheat from nature as the main raw material, and the polyurethane eco-adhesive which is completely free of formaldehyde is used as the binder. Developed by advanced patent technology.

Hexiang board use: widely used in interior decoration, furniture manufacturing, flooring, kitchen cabinets, sound-absorbing panels, writing boards, drawing boards and packaging materials, is an ideal substitute for wooden wood-based panels. The water swell rate of the fragrant board is obviously lower than that of the ordinary board. After boiling, it still maintains high strength and has a high moisture resistance coefficient, while the ordinary board is broken and has a high expansion ratio. After boiled, the fragrant board is basically free of deformation and smells similar to the scent of barley tea; the ordinary plate absorbs moisture and swells, and the formaldehyde dissolves in water, giving off a pungent smell.

Hexiang board environmental protection type: the use of safe MDI ecological glue as a glue for manufacturing sheet, and obtained the national patent for manufacturing straw board with MDI. MDI adhesive is a widely used frontier polymer synthesis raw material. Its excellent safety and stability can be used in the fields of artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liners, Lycra fibers and other safety requirements. Formaldehyde is released. The formaldehyde source of the general board is mainly the glue used in the production process. All the ordinary glues are synthesized from formaldehyde. For each standard sheet, about 4 kg of formaldehyde is needed.