Wardrobe Frame Structure

- Jun 06, 2019-

It is made up of columns and plates. The column is mainly die-cast from an aluminum ingot. Its aluminum composition has high purity and hardness, which not only ensures that the entire frame is stable and does not shake, but also ensures that it will never deform. The surface is anodized to ensure that the oxide layer is not delaminated, smooth and free of sand and bumps. The frame wardrobe is connected by the popular diamond-shaped card position in Europe. Not only does it give people a sense of new steel and wood, but also overall stability. The height can be adjusted freely and the laminate can be arbitrarily changed. The chute does not leave traces, which is suitable for the change of storage space required for different seasons due to clothing changes. The design of accessories with different functions increases the flexibility of classification and facilitates the classification of clothes, so that the whole place is well organized.