Wardrobe Customization Process

- Jul 17, 2019-

The process of customizing the wardrobe is simple, the door-to-door measurement design scheme---the store chooses the style and color to sign the contract - the factory order production - the warehouse inspection - the door installation - the after-sales service, the door-to-door measurement is generally Twice, the initial test is usually about a week after the decoration company enters the construction site. The purpose is to propose the installation position of the wardrobe or the cloakroom and how to communicate with the construction party on the plaster line or the kick line and the construction party. Avoid problems found in the later stage, so that they can't make up for it, which makes the decoration regret. In addition, the designer can design the draft first, so that the customer has a simple understanding, which can save the time for confirming the contract later, and also have a full consideration with the family. time.