- Apr 02, 2019-

The closet is a cabinet for storing and storing clothes. It is usually made of stainless steel, solid wood, tempered glass, and hardware. It is generally made up of cabinets, door panels, silent wheels, and curtains. Built-in clothes rails, pants racks, pull baskets, and disinfection lamps. And other accessories, using punching, assembly, riveting, welding and other processes, with flame retardant, anti-rat, seamless anti-mite, dust, anti-mite, moisture-proof, clean and beautiful, easy to move, etc., with large-capacity intelligent disinfection wardrobe , no power supply glass cabinet, stainless steel wardrobe, UV disinfection cleaning wardrobe, moisture-proof multifunctional wardrobe, men and women locker, dry anti-mite wardrobe, folding wardrobe, simple wardrobe. Commonly divided into flat doors, cabinets and sliding doors outside the cabinet, etc., the panels used in the wardrobe are generally stainless steel, metal, wood, etc., is one of the commonly used furniture for the family.

The general wardrobe cabinet is made of 18mm thick material (planing board, MDF, solid wood board, composite multi-layer board, finger joint board); and the door panel (the sliding door is made of 9mm wood material "UV board, double veneer, wave Plate, louver, painted board" or 5mm glass sliding door; swing door is generally made of 16mm or 18mm material); general hardware for the wardrobe manufacturer, is a matching, not produced. There are also a few merchants who produce their own hardware for wardrobes.