The Concept Of Furniture After Renovation Is Out

- Mar 13, 2019-

Many owners follow the order when decorating their new home: collecting the house looking for the decoration company determining the decorative style selecting the building materials hard loading buying furniture soft fitting... The order seems to be no problem, but after finishing the decoration Many owners are embarrassed when buying furniture. why? As the style of the new home decoration has been determined, there will be constraints when purchasing furniture, especially when you see the furniture that is very comfortable, but the style is completely different from the newly decorated house. I almost sorrow and flow back into the river~

But if we adjust the order of decoration, what is the role of "first purchase furniture" as the first step of decoration?

Nowadays, the home improvement profession has initiated a practice called “pre-decoration of furniture”. Before the decoration is started, the owner can first determine the decoration style, color and scale, so that the planner will plan the wall and the ground according to the selected furniture, and help the determination of the whole decoration style. . When communicating with planners, relying solely on the exchange of floor plans will result in the planner not fully understanding the needs and preferences of the owners, so that they will be blind when planning; but with furniture for reference, style, tone, color and even some The special needs of some spaces will be known, and the planning for doing so will be more perfect and useful.