Solid Wood Particle Board

- Apr 16, 2019-

The solid wood particle board is a scrap made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials. After drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface layer flakes are laid in a crisscross orientation, and then hot pressed (pressure reaches 3,000 Pa or more). A wood-based panel after molding. After drying, the solid wood particle board has a small expansion coefficient and has strong moisture resistance. Solid wood particle board is actually a kind of board produced by the particleboard process. It is a kind of particle board. The solid wood particle board can be divided into E0 grade and E1 grade environmental protection board.

Solid wood particle board use: As a new type of high-grade environmentally friendly substrate, solid wood particle board has been widely used by furniture manufacturers in Europe and the United States. The domestic high-end panel furniture market has also begun to adopt this type of board in large areas. Good particle board wood has a uniform particle size and a uniform gap in the middle. It can be repeated for the original hole to eat nails many times, which is considered to belong to the particle board, but the particle board can not be used to make the door, only the laminate, the flat door.

The environmental protection of solid wood particle board: the density of solid wood particle board is higher, the wood fiber particles in the board are larger, and the essence of natural wood is retained more. The content of solid wood particle board in the use of adhesive is generally less than 5%. The toxic formaldehyde gas will begin to be released from the board during use. The national family has the requirement that the amount of formaldehyde released per 100 grams of the E1 board is less than 9 milligrams, which can be directly used for interior decoration.