Solid Wood Board

- Aug 15, 2019-

Introduction of the board: The base material used for solid wood furniture is natural wood, and the real pattern of wood can be seen on the surface. Pure solid wood furniture means that all the materials of the furniture are solid wood, including the table top, the door panel of the wardrobe, the side panels, etc. are all made of pure solid wood, and no other type of artificial board is used. Pure solid wood furniture has high requirements on craftsmanship and materials. Solid wood selection, drying, finger jointing, seaming and other requirements are very strict. If any process is not tight, small cracking and loose joints will occur. The entire set of furniture was so deformed that it could not be used. Imitation wood furniture, from the appearance of solid wood furniture, the natural texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but in fact, the furniture mixed with solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, the side panels, bottom, shelf and other components Thin wood veneered particleboard or MDF fiberboard, doors and drawers are made of solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs. So it is more acceptable in terms of price. Furniture manufacturers sometimes paint varnish or matt lacquer for solid wood furniture to express the natural color of wood. Solid wood veneer generally refers to the veneer of solid wood, the surface of the solid wood, inside is the MDF. The performance is stable compared to pure solid wood, not easy to crack, but not as good as pure solid wood.

Advantages: style, noble, original temperament to cater to people's return to nature.

Disadvantages: the price is high, and it is difficult to take care of; because of the painting process, it is easy to change color, which is why the color of solid wood furniture will be used more and more. The fatal flaw of solid wood furniture, the most important is the change of moisture content, making it easy to deform, especially need to be careful, such as not allowing sunlight, not too cold or hot, too dry and humid environment for solid wood furniture Not suitable. If you do not pay attention to the use, frequent switching air conditioning causes excessive temperature and humidity changes, even if the qualified solid wood furniture products sometimes deform and crack. The fragile surface paint film of solid wood furniture is also a major shortcoming of him. When using it, you should pay attention to scratch prevention.