Plate-type Furniture

- Oct 02, 2019-

The plates of panel furniture in the market are mostly made of particleboard and medium density board. Since both kinds of boards are made by smashing and processing the forest, the amount of glue determines the chemical composition, which is the environmental protection degree.

Usually, the so-called MDF refers to MDF, also called MDF. It is a kind of artificial board which is made of wood or plant fiber by mechanical separation and chemical treatment, mixed with adhesive and waterproofing agent, and then paved, formed and high temperature and high pressure. The density is relatively uniform and the mechanical properties are close to wood. A more popular artificial board.

The difference between particleboard and MDF is that the raw material of the particleboard is not completely pulverized into fibers, but is pulverized into granules, which is generally called shavings, and then added with rubber. The MDF is completely made of wood raw materials. It is pulverized into a fiber and then added into a rubber. The density of the particleboard is similar to that of the medium-density fiberboard. However, since the particleboard is pressed by the shaving material and added to the adhesive, the density is uneven, the middle is low, and the two ends are high, so the holding force is lower than that of the medium-density fiberboard. Moreover, the surface of the MDF is relatively fine, and the flatness is higher than that of the particle board. However, particleboard is better in terms of moisture absorption and moisture resistance than medium density board, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, it can be said that qualified MDF and particleboard are only functionally different, and no one is more environmentally friendly.