Fir Board

- Jul 31, 2019-

Introduction of the board: The fir board is also called the finger joint board. It is a small piece and a small piece of splicing. All the joints are glued. Secondly, the board has soft wood, insufficient strength and easy deformation and cracking. Third, its surface is not flat, it is easy to draw clothes, and the solution to the tick is to polish the paint, which will cause a high cost, two smells, no environmental protection, three paints are easy to change color, crack, fall off. Fourth, it is easy to be worms and difficult to care for.

Advantages: Affordable, environmentally friendly without varnishing, with the fragrance of fir itself.

Disadvantages: rough surface, easy to hook clothes; because of its easy deformation and cracking, it can only be fixed with the wall during processing, can not move; the surface of the board is more piled and small holes, not beautiful; must be processed through multiple holes (fill holes, It can be put into use after being polished, waxed or painted.