What kind of material is used in the wardrobe

- May 06, 2019-

Oth, the structure is even and symmetrical, the board surface is solid, and it has good dimensional stability and high strength. It is environmentally friendly, flame retardant and weather resistant. It also has excellent processing properties and surface decoration properties. It is suitable for various surface decoration treatments and mechanical processing, especially for profiled edge processing. It has obvious advantages compared with particleboard.

Composite solid wood, moisture-proof board, solid wood paint-free board: both moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. National cabinet products have experienced more than ten years of development, more than ten years of experience is enough to determine the wardrobe with a moisture-proof board is the best choice! The moisture barrier of the cabinet can be used in heavy humid environments, showing its high quality. Due to the more fragile surface, the requirements for production equipment are higher. After the new wall is decorated and painted, the wall will have a small amount of water. After the whole wardrobe is installed, it cannot be ventilated, and the back part of the wardrobe needs a plate with better moisture resistance. The moisture-proof board is immersed in water. Because of the long wood fiber and the green moisture-proof agent, the immersion expansion will not expand until it is swallowed to a certain extent. Therefore, the moisture-proof board of most brand cabinets is the main material of the cabinet, which is reasonable.