Wardrobe interior size

- Jul 29, 2019-

The size of the interior of the wardrobe, the hanging area, and the hanging area are divided into two areas: a coat and a jacket. The short coat and the minimum required size of the suit should be 800mm. Try to make full use of the space. The length of the long coat is not less than 1300mm. . Hanging pants area, if using the wardrobe pants rack, the space size is kept at 650mm, if it is hanging with a hanger, at least 700mm, the height of the clothes rail between the upper panels is between 40-60mm, which is the depth of the wardrobe. The standard is taken, otherwise the distance is too short. It will be more difficult to put the hangers in the future, the distance is too long, and the space is wasted. The mounting height of the clothes rail is generally the best in the height of the hostess plus 200mm. The stacking area is mainly a storage area for folding clothes, and other storage areas for small items. In terms of the width of the folded garment, the size of the cabinet is between 330-400mm in width and 350mm in height. The spacing between the laminate and the laminate is between 400-600mm. Place the clothes. The storage area and storage area are the areas where unusable items are placed. The size of the shoes is required to be 250-300mm, and the height of the storage quilt is not less than 400mm. The height dimensions of other suitcases or backpacks are more flexible, and can be considered as "flat" to the dimensions of other space areas according to the overall design of the wardrobe. The size of the wardrobe drawer. The height of the drawer is between 150-200mm, the width is between 400-800mm, and the distance between the drawer and the ground is preferably less than 1250mm. Especially for the elderly, it should be considered about 1000mm, which is convenient to use. The size of the interior of the wardrobe should be determined according to the user's personal living habits and the size of the room. Only the real utility is the right size for the wardrobe.

Wardrobes are panel furniture for storing clothes. They are generally divided into single-door, split-door and sliding doors. There are hangers inside the wardrobe, and some wardrobes have drawers.