How to choose a wardrobe(3)

- Apr 17, 2019-

9. Whether the wardrobe accessories are complete, can provide convenient and comfortable matching functions. Many wardrobe manufacturers have introduced practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, pants racks, fashion drawers, pull baskets, L-frames, TV stands, CD racks, wooden hangers and so on. In this regard, France's Sofia is the first manufacturer in China's wardrobe market to introduce a wide range of suitable accessories, providing great convenience for consumers' daily lives.

10. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. Artificial panels (fibreboard, particleboard, plywood) used for furniture today, because formaldehyde is used in the production of the sheet, it is inevitable to contain formaldehyde in the finished furniture. If the formaldehyde content of the door or cabinet material of the wardrobe is too high, it will definitely affect the health of the user. According to the national standard, E11.5mg/L, E25.0mg/L.

11. Whether you have a professional factory. In order to ensure production, most of the brand wardrobes have professional factories, modern machinery, assembly lines, and on-site installation. It completely avoids the inconvenience caused by the decoration company's on-site manufacturing. Moreover, the dimensional data of the product is accurate and the structure is rigorous, giving a whole sense of beauty.

12. How to after-sales service. As an important part of furniture, wardrobes are closely related to people's daily lives. Therefore, the good reputation of the manufacturer and the excellent after-sales service are very important. When ordering, you must first find out how long the warranty period is. The general requirement is no less than 5 years (minimum of 3 years or more). In addition, in case of use problems, can provide timely and efficient repair service. After the wardrobe is installed, the manufacturer will generally issue a warranty card. The general manufacturer's warranty period is 3-5 years.